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Timeframing: Temporal Aesthetics in Digital Comics

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Timeframing: Temporal Aesthetics in Digital Comics argues for treating a number of media techniques typically thought of as unrelated as a singular field: "timeframing", the "juxtaposition of temporal vignettes". Loyer makes his argument on three levels at once: in the content of the work, in its form (an ever shifting split-screen layout featuring excerpts from comics, films, and games), and in the tool used to create it — Stepworks, built by the author for the purpose of exploring the very creative practice for which he is advocating.

makes software artworks and creative tools that marry the visual language of comics with motion graphics and musical performance. He founded the interactive label Opertoon in 2008, releasing the interracial love story Ruben & Lullaby, the popular touchscreen meditation Strange Rain, and the critically acclaimed graphic novel Upgrade Soul. Loyer is Creative Director of the digital humanities publishing tool Scalar, and has designed over a dozen interactive non-fiction works in collaboration with leading scholars, artists, and organizations, including the Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute.