The Digital Review, a sibling online publication of the electronic book review, is an annual journal dedicated to the preservation and publication of innovative, born-digital essays. Each theme-based issue will offer a curated combination of commissioned work, submitted work and "rediscovered" work.

Recalling the 1996 issue of the electronic book review, the editors decided to revisit the hypermedial essay as an important form in 2020. Gone are the days when the journal Vectors (2005-2007) could award generous grants to individual artist/creators for collaborative code, craft, and critical writing. We still have Kairos (long-established as a site for hypertextual essays) and Drunken Boat, but other journals such as Beehive, Riding the Meridian and frAme journal published by the trAce Online Writing Centre are now archived. All were pioneer publishers of innovative digital non-fiction, and not all, but many of these archival works will be identified and written about in our "Rediscoveries" feature. The Electronic Literature Lab (ELL) will assist in this digital preservation work with the help of CMDC students.

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  • Will Luers>>
  • Joseph Tabbi>>

Consulting Editors:

  • Scott Rettberg>>
  • Dene Grigar>>


  • Lai-Tze Fan>>
  • Caleb Andrew Milligan>>
  • David Thomas Henry Wright>>
  • Verónica Paula Gómez>>
  • Malthe Stavning Erslev>>
  • Bruno Ministro>>

Designer & Developer:

  • Holly Slocum>>

Backend Developer:

  • Greg Philbrook>>

The Digital Review is made possible with support from Washington State University Vancouver and the University of Bergen.

Many thanks to the Creative Media & Digital Culture program and the Electronic Literature Lab for research, development and design assistance.