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Algorithmic Sea: The Fluid Critical Making and Seeing of Color

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Transparent. Translucent. Opaque. Reflective. What is the color of Water? Water is a reflecting pool for both the human and computational understanding of color. However, these perceptions are always partial and transforming. Through the critical, technical, and artistic making of our installation The Color of Water: Algorithmic Sea, we explore the sociotechnical perception of color, especially in how it is actualized through computer systems and their algorithms. If, as described by Carolyn Kane (2014), color is not about vision, but about a “system of control used to manage and discipline perception and thus reality,” then how do computers see color? Our installation seeks to spark reflection about seeing color inside, through, and in relation to the algorithmic sea.

is a PhD Fellow at Aarhus University (Denmark). His research investigates data and algorithm infrastructures, especially how computer vision algorithms mediate our relationship with the world. The research methods he deploys involve both qualitative research, cultural analysis, and practice-based inquiry. Projects with Gabriel have been exhibited in venues such as the 33rd Sao Paulo Art Biennial, the Van Abbemuseum, IDFA DocLab, and Itaú Cultural. He is a Researcher in Residence at the Center for Arts, Design and Social Research. | Twitter @gabrielopereira

is an American artist. Schorr’s art has been internationally exhibited since her first solo show at Yancey Richardson Gallery in New York City and has recently been honored by the Julia Margaret Cameron Awards at the Fotonostrum Gallery (2020), the director’s prize at the Griffin Museum (2020), and a Terra Foundation Fellowship residency in Giverny, France (2021). Her recent book, The Color of Water, was published by Galleri Image with a solo show of her work in Denmark (2021) and the show will travel to the Northern Photographic Centre in Finland (2022).
Instagram @ceruleanstudiodk

is an artist-programmer, designer, and master in Creative Economy. He uses code as raw material for artistic work. For over 10 years, his practice has been daily and experimental, seeking to explore visual concepts and algorithmic possibilities in new media. In his master's degree, he engaged with the creative coding community in Brazil to create, a collaborative platform to share knowledge between artist-programmers and society.