The World Is Not Done Yet.

About this Work

TheWorldIsNotDoneYet is a digital-born "weblication," a personal narrative in multiple voices, written in and for this Cyber medium. Although woven from my inheritance of print practices and memories, it is a transitional hybrid that dies on the printed page.

This site has two parts: the first explores What Has Been through the remembrances of a Thinking Daughter about her life of literate being – defined as how we understand, express and share human meaning. While this is of great value to her own identity, Thinking Daughter comprehends that literate being as practiced in her treasured medium of print is under transformative assault from our Cyber revolution and is leaving us.

In the second part, Thinking Daughter notes Why This Is Not All Loss. First, because of Cyber’s promise of broadened participation in defining what it means to be a literate being. Secondly, and this, in her mind is the important point, the co-incidence of this promise with the cracking open of prescribed conceptions of gender ignited by our struggle over what it means to be female.

Thinking Daughter perceives this co-incidence as catalyzing a re-meaning of possible being for all Others - other than (white) male as defined & privileged by our seminal HeroStories: a framing & colonizing narrative which, she contends, now threatens us with extinction.

A third part, a Multilogue of Thinking Daughters, is gestating but remains, as of this version, uncoalesced. In that work I hope to encourage an exploration of a particular moment of womanhood – my/our moment, now aging and soon to pass - in a collective, multi-voiced expression of shifting womanhood’s re-imaginations of what it means to live literate being, now.

Structure & Navigation

The Thinking Daughter voice flows down vertically from the top of each parent screen. Tributary voices appear in type and audio clips, and always in relation to Thinking Daughter’s voice. Other, more independent perspectives and modes enter as separate links, and these move horizontally. They can be followed in and of themselves or back and forth from the parent screen.

To my mind, all the voices are speaking together, each weaving her own vernacular & context into the Thinking Daughter’s narrative: "SheSpeaks," a poet voice; "Literary Tidbits," writings of others that have influenced and grounded her thinking here; "Straight Talks," an expository way of expressing this thinking; "Chapbooks," a traditional short story form, for the relief of easy reading.

"Addenda," a second guessing, trying-to-clarify voice enters the fray in the latter screens of part two. Perhaps a nascent beginning of part three, the Multilogue of Thinking Daughters?

Thank you for visiting. You are a welcome guest here.




Noted here are acts of encouragement received at various stages in the evolution of this work, gifts of creative tail winds. Rare treasure.

Long before any manifestation of this work came the originating trust of a long time creative fellowship, of head-in-the-clouds conversations circling bodies of water (or coffee) in a practice of orality, of words in toss cross air between beings that, eventually, brought the thinking expressed here enough to consciousness so to begin the catch into written and then cyber form with Patricia Tusa Fels, Meg McHutchison, Ann Obery, Shash Woods. Engaged, contributing spirits from beginning to end.

And the four above to be added with Judy Kleinberg, Tad Savinar, Judith Gold Stitzel, word workers all, generous and careful readers who gave trusted responses & criticisms.

Geoff Robison, egged on by our mutual friend Larry Reid was a critical link in my transition to the cyber medium. And Kleigh Grosshans has been my abidingly patient agent of the digital, demystifying its pathways and methods for his non-native Auntie.

To find a stable home for this site I followed a golden vein from curator/artist Molly Mac who lead me to elit poet/teacher Amaranth Borsuk who lead me to the extraordinary Dene Grigar, Professor at WSUV and Director of her creation at that institution, The Electronic Literature Lab, a deep and essential resource whose talented team of Holly June Slocum, Kathleen Elizabeth Zoller and Greg Philbrook, rebuilt and improved this work of ELit extending its cyber survival.

And forever this memory. Of my brother Geoffrey Grosshans by my side at this screen as our under-the-breath speak-read of each syllable of this work became, for us both I think, an incantation returning our father to us, hearing again his word by word aloud over those galley proofs, in those late nights, so long ago.

Lastly my Bob. Ever steadfast. Ever in my corner. Lifetime companion.