The World Is Not Done Yet. Part One.

A Prologue

Once upon a time we thought we had an agreed upon world of words. A belief that thinking could be captured in print, carried in a hand, bound & covered, shared.

That ways of perceiving were held within those covers,those shelves of books where, at a glance, an other might tell what sort of human you were.

Those shelves evidence of thinking, and therefore, being.My transient, dissolving self, made tangible, solidly present, somehow, in all those spines.



"Most books in the ancient world…took the form of scrolls…but by the fourth century Christians had almost completely opted for a different format, the codex, from which our familiar books derive...
The codex has the huge advantage of being far easier for readers to find their way about in: the text can be conveniently paginated and indexed, and the pages can be turned quickly to the desired place...


...Not until the invention of the computer with its superior search functions, could a serious challenge be mounted to the codex’s magnificently simple and flexible format. Only now have we begun once again to speak of “scrolling” through a text.”